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Upon booking your free estimate through our website or by phone, we will send a confirmation with the requested date and time.



Our estimators will arrive at your home or designated location promptly at the requested date and time while demonstrating respect by utilizing shoe covers and wearing face masks, as requested. The estimator is responsible for gathering all customer job requirements, recommending suitable paint products and services, and ensuring customer expectations are met while staying within budget. Once we have collected all the necessary job requirements from the customer, our estimator will return to the office to prepare a detailed estimate, which will be sent to you via email.



After receiving approval of the estimate, we will provide a start date for your project and a detailed plan outlining the step-by-step execution process.



On the designated start date, a team of skilled painters will arrive and review all previously approved job requests. Following the assessment, the painters will begin to mask and protect all customer belongings. At the end of each day, the painters will ensure the work area is tidy and free of debris.



After the job's completion, one of our inspectors will conduct a comprehensive check to ensure everything is in order before proceeding with the final walk-through with our clients. Additionally, we provide a three-week warranty on all painting jobs.


GT Painting Services

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